Dream Number 1

I’m in a passage.

The walls are black, made of what resembles onyx.

I walk forth, into a dark hall which feels vast, I’m naked and there’s a tight collar around my neck with a leather leash attached to it.   Holding the leash is a tall slender woman whose face I can’t make out.  She orders me to move further into the hall and I see two shoulder height clean platforms made of stone forming a type of endless aisle that extends into the darkness.  On the platforms there are golden thrones and on the thrones nude women sit and look down at me with indifference. I am ordered to advance and stand before the nearest one, I look at her feet, she puts one forth and I am to kiss it, then she does the same with the other one.  She smiles and I move on to the next and repeat the procedure with a similar result but notice the smoothness and warmth of her feet as I kiss them.

On the third or forth woman I try to touch her feet with my hands but feel the leash yanked back, I suddenly understand that I am supposed to be looking for someone, for a specific woman whose feet I might have kissed before and who I am to recognize, and at the same time all this is supposed to be a privilege for me, an exception made.

I don’t remember how the dream ended or what it shifted towards…