The Tree of Life

Venezuelan hottie with giant ass, mullata, selling small crappola on the street, laxed, tired. Light flirting, ended up buying the Tree of Life, I consider it symbolic of my sociopathic choice, of this new life, free of indoctrinated moral values.

Too the money, stole it, kept the poker face. It’s the type of thing I would have never done but the road has taken me here, and now I will choose the road of selfishness and self interest. God help me.

Piensan en forma parecida

¿Sabias quela mayoria de los ricos, en cierto aspecto, piensan de forma muy parecida?

  • A pesar de haber logrados poseer dinero y propseridad a través de diferentes actividades, la forma en que estas personas piensan es similar.
  • Nuestro modo de pensar orienta nuestras acciones, y por tanto determinan nuestros resultados.
  • La gente rica piensa en forma distinta a como piensan los pobres y la clase media.
  • Hay que pensar en el objetivo, y no desviarse.
    • Error cognitivo: Mi objetivo es ser multi millonario. Estoy empezando el negocio de la madera. Si me concentro en mi objetivo y logro ser multimillonario, tendre que descuidar otras areas de mi vida como la relación con mis seres amados, mi salud y mi desarrollo en otras áreas.
    • Soluciones:
      • No darme por vencido antes de comenzar.
      • No fabricar pretextos.
      • Iniciar el camino e ir cuidando las cosas buenas que tengo en la vida.
  • People:
    • Marcia Kilgore
      • Greed.Guilt.  Fear. Exclusivity. Need for approval.
        • “You have to find a great motivators. Greed is a great motivator for the average person”.
      • Get everything in writing.
      • One day at a time, it’s not a sprint race, it’s a marathon.
      • Enjoy the ride.
      • Ask yourself: So, what’s cool about that?
      • Never sell something you wouldn’t buy, or sell to your mother.
        • When you put out a product on the market, ask yourself, would I buy this product for this amount of money, and if the answer is “no”, then don’t do that to your customer.
        • The right answer is the one that increases your customers trust.
        • Everything is a choice. Be happy with your choice.

Returning to the Sismic

I wonder if the writing/posting interface has improved. It used to be such a hassle, and I hated the app so much that I have not downloaded it again. I am still not a millionaire but many things have changed. I am not sure of the usefullness of writing as a means to keep an adequate journal.

My interpersonal problems, in particular with my mother, are not simple, but I have read a quote that resonantes: “Your problem is not the problem,  your reaction is the problem”.

Money: she’s paying for my dental care and has made the offer to pay for orthodontics. This is a trap. If I were to accept, then it would be 2 years of having to ask her for the money to pay the installments.

Otherwise. current job yealds just enough to pay the rent for the new house and I have not been able to generate additional income to provide for other expenses, making me still dependant for the USD 200 she gives me. On one hand I think: it’s more than right and proper that she should give this money, but on the other hand it accentuates the dependancy and control.

 I Ching. “How should I deal with money and my mom?”

  • Dynamic Hexagram
  • Primary Hexagram
    • Initial or current state. The Abysmal (water).
      • abyss, audition, crime, danger, ears, learning, listen, recklessness, repetition, vertigo.
      • Reflection: Fear leads to inactivity or to escape. But regular exposure to danger can overcome fear, for better or for worse. The advice of a wise person is invaluable. Reckless acts must be avoided.
      • Changing Lines
        • 6 at the beginning: be careful. Whoever despises danger eventually falls into it.
        • 6 at the top: the right way has been missed. bound with chains at the bottom of a dungeon. Misfortune.
  • Secondary Hexagram
    • Describes an idea or situation in the future or final state. Inner Truth.
      • ability, egg, interior, invulnerability, nucleus, safety, seed, shelter, truth, yolk.
      • Reflection: To understand the essence of something, you must pay attention to it’s expression. When the nucleus is reached everything that flows from it is evident. A great undertstanding can be obtained this way.



Caroline: two americanas to the airport

Picked them up an 0600. they were on time. they confirmed the fare once they got in. Classical was on the radio. They talked among themselves, then I said something in english and they knew I talked their language. they’re from Texas, heading to Buenos Aires now.


  1. make no suggestions, they’ve got their fb pic agenda, they’ve got their itinerary planned out.
  2. get a fb page going, ask chido people to contribute a review.
  3. Got to make them feel worldy.
  4. Give pointers out, make it a mini tour—make the ride up to the airport memorable.
  5. Have a business card or flyer ready.
  6. Get all the people arriving to the terminal in the early AM.


condoning debt to rich people

Jimena has money. she has lot’s of money. She’d rather not owe me any favors and just settle her bill. never condone rich people’s debt. they don’t understand it and think instead that I’m trying to manipulate them into feeling gratitude, which maybe I was.

Also, it is a sign of saying “no” to prosperity.

Stay on track.