Piensan en forma parecida

¿Sabias quela mayoria de los ricos, en cierto aspecto, piensan de forma muy parecida?

  • A pesar de haber logrados poseer dinero y propseridad a través de diferentes actividades, la forma en que estas personas piensan es similar.
  • Nuestro modo de pensar orienta nuestras acciones, y por tanto determinan nuestros resultados.
  • La gente rica piensa en forma distinta a como piensan los pobres y la clase media.
  • Hay que pensar en el objetivo, y no desviarse.
    • Error cognitivo: Mi objetivo es ser multi millonario. Estoy empezando el negocio de la madera. Si me concentro en mi objetivo y logro ser multimillonario, tendre que descuidar otras areas de mi vida como la relación con mis seres amados, mi salud y mi desarrollo en otras áreas.
    • Soluciones:
      • No darme por vencido antes de comenzar.
      • No fabricar pretextos.
      • Iniciar el camino e ir cuidando las cosas buenas que tengo en la vida.
  • People:
    • Marcia Kilgore
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31IlKE86LkM
      • Greed.Guilt.  Fear. Exclusivity. Need for approval.
        • “You have to find a great motivators. Greed is a great motivator for the average person”.
      • Get everything in writing.
      • One day at a time, it’s not a sprint race, it’s a marathon.
      • Enjoy the ride.
      • Ask yourself: So, what’s cool about that?
      • Never sell something you wouldn’t buy, or sell to your mother.
        • When you put out a product on the market, ask yourself, would I buy this product for this amount of money, and if the answer is “no”, then don’t do that to your customer.
        • The right answer is the one that increases your customers trust.
        • Everything is a choice. Be happy with your choice.

A lesson that needs to be learned

Not long ago, in October, we had a guest. Pauline. She was a bimbo poser with a Chomsky book. Tattoos. I called her out on her ignorance in a rude and aggressive way, frustrated by her not manifesting IOIs and not falling into my schemata. I was rude, yes.

I have to learn that some people are better left alone when there is indicators that they rather be alone. Nothing to be gained by forcing myself on others. Learn to be subtle, learn to have people enjoy.

I have lingered in her mind, she has written a bad review, but I do not feel I owe her an apology.



Mini bus ride.

Getting on the minibus carrying Franco on a hot day with most of the seats taken, moving all the way to the back and an older douche that could have moved does not move. We seat uncomfortably, Franco on a seat in front of me. People get on and off, the seating shifts. At a the end he’s seating in the seat in front of us, he’s a damn querapito. Dressed for his querapito job. I take the gum out of my mouth and let it drop behind him so it sticks to his jacket. Felt it was the right thing to do.


Returning to the Sismic

I wonder if the writing/posting interface has improved. It used to be such a hassle, and I hated the app so much that I have not downloaded it again. I am still not a millionaire but many things have changed. I am not sure of the usefullness of writing as a means to keep an adequate journal.

My interpersonal problems, in particular with my mother, are not simple, but I have read a quote that resonantes: “Your problem is not the problem,  your reaction is the problem”.

Money: she’s paying for my dental care and has made the offer to pay for orthodontics. This is a trap. If I were to accept, then it would be 2 years of having to ask her for the money to pay the installments.

Otherwise. current job yealds just enough to pay the rent for the new house and I have not been able to generate additional income to provide for other expenses, making me still dependant for the USD 200 she gives me. On one hand I think: it’s more than right and proper that she should give this money, but on the other hand it accentuates the dependancy and control.

 I Ching. “How should I deal with money and my mom?”

  • Dynamic Hexagram
  • Primary Hexagram
    • Initial or current state. The Abysmal (water).
      • abyss, audition, crime, danger, ears, learning, listen, recklessness, repetition, vertigo.
      • Reflection: Fear leads to inactivity or to escape. But regular exposure to danger can overcome fear, for better or for worse. The advice of a wise person is invaluable. Reckless acts must be avoided.
      • Changing Lines
        • 6 at the beginning: be careful. Whoever despises danger eventually falls into it.
        • 6 at the top: the right way has been missed. bound with chains at the bottom of a dungeon. Misfortune.
  • Secondary Hexagram
    • Describes an idea or situation in the future or final state. Inner Truth.
      • ability, egg, interior, invulnerability, nucleus, safety, seed, shelter, truth, yolk.
      • Reflection: To understand the essence of something, you must pay attention to it’s expression. When the nucleus is reached everything that flows from it is evident. A great undertstanding can be obtained this way.




I go in the room and wait until she comes back, we start at it, with the lights off, as soon as I feel her thighs I’m impressed by their tone, their hardeness, the firm soft skin.

Takesi: why I got lost.

  1. No guide
  2. No map.
  3. No real advice or knowledge on the trail.
  4. No knowledge con how to properly use my GPS device.
  • How do these compare to what’s going on and has been going on in my life?
    • I have no life mentor in key areas such as society, relationships, money and women.
    • Had no knowledge of where I was and where it is that I wanted to go.
    • Until the inet came along and different forums were available, I had no knowledge of stages and places in life.
    • Had no guidance as to how to maximize my assets.

Women/Lovers in my life as indicators of prosperity


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Dimensions of prosperity:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Sexual
  • Financial

Quality of women as an indicator of prosperity and balance in different areas in my life. Some women are accessible and attainable in specific academic, life interest venues (gym, bars, restaurants), financial circles or job environments and my capacity to access these scenarios and attain these women reflects whats going on in my life.

Take for example the woman in the picture. what will it take, in the different areas of my life, to take such women on as partners? The answer to that question, and the goals determined by it, should help create a template for goals and a life path.