The Tree of Life

Venezuelan hottie with giant ass, mullata, selling small crappola on the street, laxed, tired. Light flirting, ended up buying the Tree of Life, I consider it symbolic of my sociopathic choice, of this new life, free of indoctrinated moral values.

Too the money, stole it, kept the poker face. It’s the type of thing I would have never done but the road has taken me here, and now I will choose the road of selfishness and self interest. God help me.

The thickness that pervades

With the carnivore diet a renewed sense of awareness for thick women has come. Today at Alexander’s a massively attractive woman sat but a few meters away, and then, the Venezuelan mulatto on comercio street, such massiveness of legs and buttocks as to make her irresistible. It comes to mind and then presents itself in my life.