october 5

I took a shower and dressed early because we have a female guest. She’s a socipathic cheapskate with whom it is interesting to talk to, especially about photography, politics and soccer. I don’t care about soccer. She’s got that coked up paranoid look in her eyes, the one that comes from a life of whoring and slutting, the jaded look left behind after being used and abused for years.She’s planning on living off us for as long we’ll have it, but Mariela’s given her the deadline—two days. I could get up at night, walk into the room we’ve given her, wake her up and give her the cawk. Fuck her skinny ass hard and break her. She’d stay, she’d like it, but it would be dangerous, she’s a leech. She woke up, was an ass again before and during breakfast. I have no lust for her. When she left we felt instantly at ease. We had beef empanadas for lunch in bed. I love Mariela’s cooking. We then made love—the baby asleep in his room. We fell asleep and then got up to go for groceries.

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