It’s never felt so good to ask for a favor.

A mistake was made and we were locked out of the account. My brother tried three or four different solutions, none of them worked and there seemed no chance of rectifying. He was frustrated and as usual directed his irritation at us while he tried to force a “cut-our-losses” drastic solution. I disagreed and called a meeting after which he ended up dropping the whole thing on me.

I decided to call Helena who sounded happy to hear me. I explained the situation and what needed to be done. She told me she’d get back to me in 20 minutes. Fifteen minutes later she called and announced it was solved, the account was restored. I thanked her, she said it wasn’t necessary.

It’s never felt so good to ask for a favor.

This week: Lawyers/inheritance/early morning visit/.38/instinct

A notification arrived from another of the unknown sons of my deceased uncle threatening to proceed legally against my mother if she did not hand over the total of the money that is “rightfully” his. The basic problem at hand is that no money is rightfully his since my uncle actually owed my parents, and many others, substantial sums of money. My mother went once again into minor panic and then into denial, choosing to ignore yet another threat by the apparent endless progeny of the deceased man. It also has to do with lawyers. They will throw anything at you just to see if something sticks. We called Ricardo and he wrote up something that addressed the pertinent problems and explained the situation. I said I’d deliver it.

Their house, which is at the beginning of the not so nice part of town, uphill, is large. I got there at 06:50 which is the right time to get people while they’re still unprepared for trouble but already starting to get up or at least thinking about it; besides, you get to know a lot about them by what they’re doing at that time.

His mother was already up; he was still in bed and had to be called down, they have a large dog that liked me, I sat in their living room and drank a glass of Coke that was offered. We talked and agreed to arrange a meeting in the course of the week to further talk it out, this time with their lawyers and both my parents present.

The meeting was held yesterday, our strategy ruined by my mother accusing them in unkind terms of being conniving money grabbing parasites that should instead try working for a living; but all in all it was positive since we managed to reach the beginning of an agreement with their lawyers as to how we will proceed.

Strange thing: just before leaving my apartment I thought of taking a piece. Took the snubnose SP101 .38 out, checked it, loaded the barrel, put it inside its holster, but finally decided to leave it behind. Instinct is trying to tell me something.