Hi,  excuse me, I have a complaint.

That’s great, I’m good with complaints, my brother Mauricio isn’t, he comes in at three. Tell me baby, what’s wrong.

Please don’t call me that.



Oh, sorry. Tell me dear honey, what can I do for you?

Are you doing it on purpose?


Just don’t call me “baby”, “honey” or anything like that, I don’t like it.

Why not? You have some kind of special traumatization experience with this?

Now you’re being rude.

No, of course not, dear young lady,  I’m trying to help and I will respect your beliefs, you’re my guest, tell me about this complaint you have, I’m good with complaints.

Is there anyone else I can talk to?

No, my brother comes in at three, he’s not good with complaints, his name is Mauricio. Please, complain to me, what is wrong with you?

What? I can’t believe this, nothing is wrong with me.

Then why do you want to complain if nothing is wrong? I do not understand this. It is a joke maybe? I am sorry, I’m not very good with jokes.

Can I see the manager?

Of course you can, it is me, I own this place, and you are my guest.

Okay, you know what, forget it.

Thank you, please come back soon.


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