Thought process new story, no name yet.

What’s the radicality of radical? To write. Okay, what’s going down, veamos. El asunto Platero este, quedan como 14 días, a fortnight.  What have we thought, yes, yes,  yes, the doctor premise, we’re going to make her a doctor, what kina of doctor, a young one, yes that should do, she arrives to a place, in the middle of the jungla, San Buenalike, the Madidid, yes, algo así, y la historia, la historia sera narrada desde el punto de vista del ambulanciero, why? porqué me da la oportuinidad de que sea algo mucho más colorido, como él la ve como una buena persona o como, independientemente a su llegada decide to be on her side, we have a few pages to get the build-up going and to introduce all the main characters y que quede claro whose antagonizing who. Hmmmm,   characters, primero, la doctora, next el ambulenciero auxilair que es quien narra, go back in time, Reynaldo perez, yes he’s the one, he’ll tell us the story, next we have a nurse, or two, the administrator and the chief doctor, I have to decide whose the antagonist, whose “neutral” and the way it’ll play out.    two weeks.   aquí vamos.

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