Ilse: Final words and goodbyes…

Ilse to me:

So you “unfriended” me on Facebook on Valentines day… yes, that gives me a rough idea of how much you love me…

Also as someone who has such strong feelings as you say you have, I find it a little odd for you to wait for me to make plans for us to meet up somewhere in the world (which I asked you a couple of times but your answer has always been, no, I can’t), and you say it’s not about the money but I know you wouldn’t think twice about getting yourself a new motorcycle and stuff, you just don’t want to spend it to travel together.

So, what it comes down to is words. Nothing but words. You waiting for me to come. As always. That’s not enough for me.

If you were as crazy in love with me as you say you are, you would not have waited but just came over and you would have found me.

So, goodbye…

All the best to you.




Me to Ilse:

You’re the most selfish unempathic person I’ve met in my entire life… you don’t know anything about love or family and never will, that’s why you are alone.

You don’t deserve what’s been given to you by life or by those who love you, what a waste, what a shame.

Go on,  keep being the eternal tourist, keep on pretending that’s what you want, keep posting empty comments and souless pictures on facebook, keep running away from the fact that you can’t stay somewhere long enough before people start getting fed up with your crap.

I’m the only man who’s ever loved you, but yeah, it wasn’t enough for you, so fuck you Ilse.

Don’t write to me ever again I’m through with you and your shit.

Good riddance!

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