Rift (sketch)

We’re walking. You stop. I keep going, but you’re not following, so I stop and turn around. You’re just standing there, looking at me, not saying anything but you start crying. I let out an exasperated sigh and walk back towards you; I’m starting to feel anger swell up inside. You seem scared of me and turn around to go back, walking fast, not wanting to run, not wanting to fall down. I call out your name, you don’t answer. I catch up to you and try to look into your eyes, try holding your arm, but you keep looking ahead and shrug me off.   I grab your shoulders and turn you towards me, there’s anger in your eyes, and sadness.  I let go.   There’s a rift and we’ll never make it be okay again. I feel sorry but can’t say it, because it wasn’t my fault and I want you to understand that, but you never will.  You don’t love me anymore and it’s as if I’d been liberated of a great weight because now I don’t care.  Let’s just wait, wait forthis day to end, we’re both too tired.  Let’s just try to stop hurting each other. Maybe that’ll be enough, maybe we can at least do that.

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