On Writing.

Just wrote this to a surfer friend who can be found if you Google “Ku Yah RAS”.  He’s got some good poems there :

I just like to read in lieu of people with whom to have good conversations.   And no, I have not read S. King’s “On Writing” but would like to.    I am acquainted with some of Viktor Frankl’s ideas and concepts although I have not read “Man’s Search for Meaning” which is on my list.   On Hamsun and and Bolaños, I’ll first go for Bolaños who is also on the list.

The idea of writing in a different way came up, or actually returned, somewhat unexpectedly, but once I made up my mind to try it I kept on discovering and learning the complexity involved in actually learning to write.   By this complexity I do not mean the technical aspect of it, but more the  development of a narrative form from within that better reflects what I feel or intend to transmit onto the paper.  The act of writing as a process in which one constructs articulated words which contain ideas that interact with each another creating not only meaning but, ideally, beauty.  The superlative combination of meaning, intellectual aesthetics and emotional resonance expressed through the written word.  At this point, I am beginning to believe in the instinctual flow of meaningful writing by which words flow and meaning and emotion is created with no clear or definable volitional intent.   To achieve this state in which words flow all one can do is read and write as often and as much as possible, get it  out and down on paper no matter how it turns out, as you’ve mentioned, and then pursue sense, clarity and correctness in the successive and burdensome editing process.  So, it is this sense of primal writing that I now seek; I’ve come to believe that if the intrinsic beauty and meaning are not attained on the initial act, no amount of editing will make it right.   All this, of course is speculation and I could just as well come to a dead end and have to backtrack or bail out.


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